The first time the phone rang I realised it was real, we had opened our own Vets. We were our own bosses, but we also held all the responsibility. The buck stopped with us. When the person on the other end of the phone turned out to be Carly’s Mum reality hit that we needed more than just our friends and family to make this work. We needed the pet owning population of Bury St Edmunds to see us for what we believe we are; a Veterinary Centre that is founded on values of care, community and compassion. A Veterinary Centre that is there for your pets when you need us and that helps keep the healthy ones healthy.

The response we had during our first week was fantastic, the feedback we received really drew into focus the reasons we wanted to make this happen. We saw Harris Hawks, Newfoundland’s and Maine Coons as well as everything in between. We met some fantastic people who clearly care for their animals.

As all 7 days of the first working week drew to a close, I was sure of one thing, opening BSEVC was the right decision. Now lets continue to work hard and be the vet practice the people and pets of BSE deserve.