So, here we are in a lockdown situation again. We have figured out that we have now been working in a pandemic for more than 50% of the time since we opened in May 2019. So, you would think we would be pandemic pros by now. Alas, we still can’t have clients in the consult rooms (just reception, on a buzzer appointment basis) but it is still lovely to see you through the glass screens and masks. And we are giving all of your pet’s extra kisses, cuddles and treats when we examine them in our prep room. We are all frustrated with the situation, however I will take this opportunity to thank you all – both or first-class staff and our amazing clients – for being so accommodating, so welcoming of change, so flexible and generally so frigging awesome. Goalposts are constantly moving, and at some times at very short notice, and your help in this time has meant we have been able to keep the doors open, keep fixing poorly pets, and ensuring the healthy ones stay healthy.

In other news, we have some new faces. We – so very, very sadly – lost Boo from out front of house team. She decided the lure of working with horses was just too much and she has moved on. She was the first team member we have lost in 20 months which I suppose isn’t too bad, but she will leave a big hole and an empty dog bed behind reception. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and we loved her. We wish her all the best in her new role (and, in this weather, also wishing her all the warm gloves, hats and thermal vests she can find too! Brrrr!). She can’t be replaced, but Charlotte, who had already done a few shifts on the front of house agreed to come on board permanently and we are delighted. She is a firecracker, with a love of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and has just been the perfect addition to the team. We have also welcomed Stacie, in the new role of Customer Care Manager. She comes from a long history of being an M&S manager, so she isn’t just an admin manager… she is an M&S admin manager (to be said out loud please, whist playing Fleetwood Mac “Albatross” on Spotify). She is organised, calm and caring and so please give a (masked) wave to both Stacie and Charlotte when you are next in!

2020 was a mad, sad year. But I am so proud of all of our team. They have worked so hard, always put their patients first and kept our mission statement of “Care, Compassion, Community” at the heart of everything they have done. And, our clients – well – massive thank you. By recommending us to your family and friends, the people you meet out walking, the Google, Facebook and VetHelpDirect reviews (if you haven’t already, have a spare moment, and like what we do please have a look. They help more than you could ever imagine), the kind cards and feedback, you have helped us grow. Helped us reach more people; help us to help more pets. I hope 2021 will be a better year for everyone, I hope we will all be reunited with our loved ones safely, I hope we get to see you all in a consult room, hope we get to be able to show our new clients a tour of our beautiful practice, hope we get to drink tea and eat biscuits with you all again really soon. Until then, we are here. 24/7, 365 as always.

Until next time, Carly & Jen x