Welcome from us all at BSEVC. If you’ve made it here, you’ve probably read our bio’s and figured out that not only do we do an exceedingly high level of vet care at a fair price, but we do it with a smile and sense of humour too. We figured a blog would be a great way of keeping people up to date with daily life at BSEVC, some up to date pet facts and general news. We did a few at the start but have decided to keep it going. If you think it’s a good idea let us know in the comments. If you think it sounds rubbish just go back to scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed anytime.

Lets set the scene, it’s the start of February. We’ve been open for 9 months. I’m cuddled up on the sofa with a Rottweiler lap dog who is my only source of heating because my other half doesn’t believe in central heating. It hasn’t been a bad winter and I shouldn’t complain…. I haven’t had to chop up my shampoo with a knife when it got frozen like last year. Looking back at the last year it has been crazy. We have cultivated the most amazing practice full of warm, engaging and crazy smart staff. I am so proud of each and every one of them. We have, in my very unbiased opinion, got the best client base on the planet. Starting from zero gave us a unique opportunity which I hadn’t actually thought of; it meant we KNOW our clients and their pets. We have been able to spend time with each of them, in some cases way more than our allotted 20 mins, because, well, they are nice people and we have enjoyed getting to know them. We’ve made cups of tea, shown people round with our “open doors” policy, and really become good friends with so many of you already. Not only is this great because, well, people are generally lovely, it has meant that in the eventuality that their animals get sick we know the owner. We know the animal. They know us. We can provide an excellent level of care, because trust between a vet and an owner is a two way street.

At the start of December 2019 we took on our first new member of staff on top of the “original crew”. The enigmatic Simon. He has upped our staffing numbers to 3 RVN’s, and has meant that as we grow we are still able to offer the individual care and attention that each of the animals under our care deserve. He has fitted in like a dream. It feels like he has been here since the start. Ashlea our Animal Nursing Assistant has also passed her maths exam this January, which means she will begin as our first student nurse in September. Having worked with her for the last 3.5 years I could not be prouder. She will with time, care and tuition become a first class Registered Veterinary Nurse.

December and January have been the months of the orthopaedic fracture. Jenny has put her certificate to very good use doing many cruciate fixation’s and fracture repairs. Helping so many dogs and their owners. Orthopaedics isn’t my area of interest, but I am so in awe of her skills! Beware of a woman who knows how to operate a drill with as much precision as Jen does! More recently, we have seen a significant increase in the number of dog’s presenting with vomiting / diarrhoea. This is in line with reports from vets all over the country that have seen a much more than your average number of cases. They are usually dogs with intense, repeated vomiting and lethargy. Fortunately (and I need to praise our clients for this), all of the cases we have seen here have been ones we have caught early and the dogs have all made a full and successful recovery. But please be vigilant and if you notice your dog is off colour please bring them in ASAP so we can get treatment into them before it gets worse. No-one knows what is currently causing the outbreak, but we are working with Liverpool University on their surveillance and will be asking owners of any new cases to bring in a sample of vomit and faeces and will do a cheek swab to try and get to the bottom of it quickly.

The plan for February is to keep doing what we are doing. Caring for each of the animal we see as if he/she was our own and keep striving to be even better than we were yesterday. It always sounds rude, but I hope I DON’T see you. Because then it means your animals are healthy. But if you need us, you know where we are. 7 days a week.