How is it September? It was May 5 mins ago…! September starts a new chapter for us here at BSEVC. We welcome Adam to the team as vet number 3!

I must say, both Jenny and I are super excited for his arrival. Not only because he is a first class vet, hilarious to have around the practice and we have someone super tall to dust the cobwebs from the ceiling, but also because it means we are on a 1 in 3 rota for the out of hours. Maybe Jen will get to see Reggie her son a little more, and maybe I will get to ride my horse when it isn’t midnight and she is spooking so much at the shadows from the arena lights it is like some kind of death defying extreme sport. There is only so much “stickability” that “sticky-bum” riding trousers bring you!

Adam is a star. We have both known him since his student days and he has blossomed into a cracking all-round vet. Your pets are in very safe hands with him. We wanted someone who had the same morals, ethics, and gold star standards as us. Who wanted to do the right thing for your pet at every turn. We asked a few vet friends and Adam jumped at the chance. So far, the biggest downside has been having to have his uniform specially made so that it fits his very tall body without being a crop top! Many thanks to our lovely client Annie who is making him his own tall length scrubs!

Ashlea has officially been enrolled and will start at college to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse, and I am so delighted for her to have the Student Nurse title. She has worked so hard for this, and I cannot wait to see her blossom into the first-class Nurse I know she will be. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a whole practice to train a Veterinary Nurse. Matt is her official clinical coach and we all love teaching. Genuinely, I am so proud of her. She is going to be fabulous and I can’t wait to see her reach her dream.

We are also looking forward to Tash joining us. She is taking up the Nursing Assistant role, following Ashlea’s step into Student Nurse. After nearly 170 applicants for the role. We are still genuinely honoured and astounded by the number and sheer quality of applicants. Everyone was great and we loved going through people’s applications. I wish we had more jobs on offer for people. Alas, Tash was the successful applicant. She comes from a veterinary background, although she is more used to being front of house, she wants to come and learn the clinical on goings and we cannot wait to teach her and integrate her too. Change is a good thing. But growth is better.

I love our existing team. They look after your pets like they were their own, which was exactly the premise with setting up this place 18 months ago. And I have no doubt that Tash and Adam will do just that too. If you see them, please give them a (masked) smile and a wave!

Until next time! Carly & Jen x